The UK Government has the authority to refuse the visa application for a number of reasons such as the paperwork is not complete or your application is not strong enough etc. The applicant has the right to make a visa refusal appeal from Pakistan. The appeals can be made under a few of the visa categories that include spouse visa, sole representative visa. These appeals may help the applicant to overturn the original decision. 

Appeal against refusal of sole representative visa

Under the business category visa, only a sole representative visa applicant can make an appeal against the visa refusal. The applicant has to provide a suitable argument along with any missing documents if that’s the reason for rejection. The refusal decision will reveal the reasons for the refusal of the application for sole representative visa

The applicant must give the review application to the UK Home Office before the deadline ends which is 28 days if the applicant is in Pakistan and if the applicant is in the UK then he has only 14 days to submit the review application for the sole representative visa. The Home Office can reject the review application if the deadline is not met until and unless a relevant excuse is given for the delay.

Visa Refusal Appeal

As it is a very complex situation the help of experts is important that will make sure that your review application makes a strong impact and the UK Home Office changes its decisions. Julia and Rana team will help you in this crucial time of yours, they will advise you and make sure that the first decision is reversed and you get a visa to the UK.

Appeal Against Refusal of Spouse Visa from Pakistan 

If the application of the spouse visa is rejected then an appeal can be filed by the appellant to First-tier Tribunal UK against the refusal of a spouse visa for his wife or husband. 

If the applicant is in the UK and an application was filed within the UK then the spouse visa appeal application against the rejection must be filed within 14 days of getting the refusal letter. If the application was made outside the UK then the appeal deadline against the refusal of spouse visa is 28 days, the application must be filed within the deadline after receiving the refusal letter. The appeal can be made online by filling a form online and a fee of £140 should be paid. After the fee is paid the process starts and the case is discussed with the appellant and the Home Office. This process can take months for the decision to change. 

Appeal Against Refusal Of EEA Family Permit

The sponsors that have a residence in the UK that are under the EU Settlement Scheme, can sponsor their close family members and extended family members. If the application is refused then they have the right to appeal against the refusal. If the application was made outside the UK then the deadline is 28 days and the appeal process is the same as the spouse visa appeal. 

Julia and Rana 

The Julia and Rana team understands the importance of appeal against the UK visa refusal. We are fully committed to helping our clients regarding this process. We will help in every step of the process and help make a strong argument against the refusal of the visa. We are very passionate about what we do. We aim to provide excellent and customized services to all of our clients.

UK Visa refusal