A Spouse Visa Application can be sent to the British Embassy by the British citizen’s husband or wife. The spouse of a British national is eligible to apply for a visa to the UK. Before the husband or wife gives an application to the Home Office in the UK for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR), they have to complete five years of residence in the UK that will be under the category of spouse visa.

There are a number of things that you should fulfill in order to get a spouse visa to the UK.

Requirements for Spouse Visa:

The most important for the spouse visa is the bank balance. For sponsoring a spouse in the UK it is required that you should have an earning of a minimum of £18,600. In the case of a child that is being sponsored then the minimum earning requirement should be at least £22,400 and for each additional child you should have £2,400.

The spouse who is sponsoring in the last 12 months should have at least earned £18,600, by any source of income that includes being employed, self-employed, or both. To meet the required spouse visa income requirements you can combine your income savings. Only those are exempted from the Spouse Visa income requirement if the sponsors are the receipt of the permitted UK state benefit. 

UK spouse visa

After the income threshold requirement, there is another requirement by the UK Home Office for the spouse visa that is an English language requirement. The husband or wife has to take an approved English Language test at A1 level, which shows that they have a good command of the English language and they can talk, understand and speak it. The spouses who are over the age of 65 or they are suffering from a disability either physical or mental are exempted from this English language test. 

Other requirements for the spouse visa are that both of them should be at least 18 years of age or above. Secondly, they both have already and physically met, both of them are in an unfeigned and truly existing relationship and have the intention of living together forever. 

A person settled in the UK can also give a visa application to their British Embassy for their finance under the Fiance Visa Application just like the UK Spouse Visa. The couple then can get their marriage registered in the UK, which will help the applicant to switch his or her visa into the spouse visa while being in the UK. The minimum earning requirement for a fiance visa is the same as a spouse visa that is £18,600. 

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