U.K. Business Visa Services in Pakistan

The United Kingdom is one of the most favorite countries, where the people are willing to move, those who want to go to a new country, culture, live and work there. The UK is the fifth-largest economy in the world that gives a better opportunity for business and employment. It provides good health services and other benefits to its citizens. So people want to settle in the UK so that they can enjoy all these benefits. 

Many people from Pakistan also want to move to the UK to avail all the benefits they will get there. 

Home Office UK has now changed immigration policies that are strict which makes it tough for the applicants to enter the country. This however if the applicant has a valid reason and authentic documents then they can easily enter the UK. There are different categories under which you can apply for your immigration to the UK. The new immigration rules will be taking effect on 29th March. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visas are no longer available rather Innovator Visas are introduced. 

Business Visa

This category is targeted towards more experienced business personals who want to set up their business in the UK. The applicants should prove that their business is realistic, credible, and innovative and should be validated by the approved bodies. There are certain things that should be fulfilled.

Eligible and Requirements 

Firstly the business should be approved by the list given by the UK Government, where they assess all the documents you have provided. They will assess your business idea on the basis of your business credibility, innovation, and viability. The other requirements for applicants are:

  • 18 years and above
  •  The provided documents are given
  • Show have enough savings to support themselves
  • Should invest minimum £50,000 under this category
  • The applicant should have a good knowledge and awareness regarding ongoing market situations and he must prove that his skills will benefit UK business market
  • The applicant should prove that his business idea will fill the market needs and satisfy it, and it will help create good competitive advantage in UK business
  • The applicant should also prove that his business will create employment opportunities for the people in the UK


First, you will go through the startup route where your application will be approved by the business experts and bodies rather than the Home Office because they will judge better regarding your business plan and its feasibility. After 2 years you can upgrade your visa to the innovator route which will lead to permanent settlement in the UK. To upgrade your visa there are requirements that you need to fulfill so that you can change your visa status. 

Uk Business Visa

U.K. Business Visa Services in Pakistan by Julia and Rana Solicitors 

As the UK government has changed the laws regarding the Tier 1 visa, people who wanted to apply for it will be facing a lot more difficulty. Getting a visa for the UK was already a difficult task but the new rules have increased the risk of getting a visa rejected.

The team at Julia and Rana Solicitors will guide you fully regarding the new rules and help understand how the new policies work. They will help you in gathering the right documents for your visa.

Our team has the experience that will help you get your visa and make your application strong. With their guidance, you will be granted a UK visa. We are hardworking and fully committed to our clients. We will be your biggest supporter and advisor in this crucial time.

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