Family & Inheritance Matters in U.K.

Family and inheritance laws in Pakistan are different for Muslims, Christians, Hindus, etc, that are made according to their religious beliefs. When a Muslim dies all the shares and his property are distributed according to Islamic laws. The property share to every legal heir will depend on the number of children, wives, sisters, and brothers. 

A Succession Certificate is required to transfer the assets and property of the deceased person to its legal heirs. This certificate is taken from the Court of Law, the procedure for this certificate should be according to the succession Act 1925. There is no concept of will. 

After marriage, a woman is entitled to get a marriage gift that is known as ‘Haq mahr’. The woman is the owner of this gift and no one, not even her husband can claim it from her. The man’s share in the property is twice that of the women according to Islamic laws. 

Family matter

If a Muslim donates a property when he was alive then no one is allowed to challenge this decision even his legal heirs in the court after the donor dies. A Pakistani Muslim can easily give him property when he is alive. 

For the non-Muslims that are domiciled outside Pakistan, national laws can be applied. If a non-Muslim is deceased and is a foreigner then the inheritance laws of that country will be applied in Pakistan.  

Family laws are not well known by the people. The help of an expert will make sure that this complicated task is done without any error.

The team at Julia and Rana aims to help all our clients in the best way possible. We will make sure that all the inheritance-related matters are resolved, all the paperwork is complete. We will also help the clients regarding the succession certificate and guide them all along in light of the laws of Pakistan.