The aim of sole representative visa is to give more opportunities for businesses. Sole Representative Visa is targeted towards the businesses or companies that are planning to expand their operations in the UK by either opening a branch in the UK or sending an employee from their company for a long-term task. 

The businesses from Pakistan can take this advantage and avail themselves this UK Business Visa and they can expand their business in the UK as well in Europe and the whole world. The businesses of Pakistan have a lot of potentials and use it to give their products and services to the people in the UK by getting the UK Business Visa. You can get the visa for 3 years with an extension of 2 years if required. After staying in the UK you can apply for IRL and become a British National. The applicant can also bring his family to the UK and should work only for the business. The applicant should give a separate application for its dependents as well as pay their healthcare charges.

However, the applicant is not allowed to work for another business or himself or stay in the UK if the agreement is ended by the business, or change their visa category or avail the public funds. 

Sole Representative

Requirements for the Sole Representative Visa

Here are the requirements for this visa:

  • Can support himself without using the public funds
  • Can fulfill the English requirement by passing the approved English Language Test at A1 level in speaking and listening or having a qualification that was taught in English language
  • Should be employed outside the UK by a company which has its headquarters outside the UK
  • Have good experience and knowledge related to the industry 
  • Should be a senior employee of the company that has an authority to make decisions on the company’s behalf but he can not be someone who is the biggest shareholder of the company 
  • Have an intention to start the company’s first commercial existence in the UK
  • Full detail related to the applicant’s activities in the UK
  • The job description and salary of the applicant 
  • A complete business plan that is planned for the UK expansion 
  • The applicant should pay the healthcare charges as well 

Julia and Rana 

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Julia and rana aim

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